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  • Owl curtains

    Owl curtains

    Kids owl curtains, one of the most popular patterns. No matter the vivid owl pattern or cartoon owl pattern are both favored by kids and adults. The cartoon owl curtains for nursery can add the dreamy and cute feeling for kids , and the vivid owl curtain can improve the pastoral and rustic style....

  • Black and white curtains

    Black and white curtains

    As we know, the typical color collocation is black and white. On the one hand, it can add the dynamic feeling and strengthen the visual effect. On the other hand, this kind of color combination can show a classical and cool style, which are favored by, especially young people.

  • Yellow And Gray Curtains

    Yellow And Gray Curtains

    Generally speaking, the black and white curtains are common for they can add the modern feeling. Actually, the yellow and gray curtains, which combine the bright yellow color and neutural gray color can always create an active but peaceful environment. You can own an funky and graceful space...

  • Cactus Curtains

    Cactus Curtains

    Apart from cute star curtain, funky geometric curtain and so on, the pastoral cactus curtain is also a popular indoor decoration for your rooms. Green cactus patterns can add the tropical and natural feeling to give people a relaxed and peaceful environment, which is a wise choice for study room.

  • Emerald Green Curtains

    Emerald Green Curtains

    What most modern people admire is a natural and relaxed environment, and that’s why the emerald green curtains are becoming more and more popular. The bright green color, the elegant feeling, the breathable and smooth fabrics, all of those show that emerald green curtain is a good choice for your...

  • What Makes The Patterns Of Curtains Look More Richer

    What Makes The Patterns Of Curtains Look More Richer

    Modern and chic pattern like gingham which seems to be never out of date. Thus gingham curtains become popular. The elegant and chic style of gingham curtains can remind people of pastoral life, then you will be able to calm down and have a good relax. Gingham curtains can go well with any other...

  • Cute Or Lovely Style Curtains For Your Children

    Cute Or Lovely Style Curtains For Your Children

    Curtains with animal patterns which take advantage of print craft can make your room dreamy and funny. The digital print craft makes the animal pattern vivid, just look like the hand painting. Moreover, it will develop kid’s character and imagination effectively. Parents usually choose animal...

  • The neutral color for you to choose

    The neutral color for you to choose

    Beige, a kind of color which can go with any colors easily. It can show people’s pure and quiet character. Additionally, it can also create a graceful and peaceful environment. Thus, an increasing number of people are willing to choose beige curtain to decorate their home. The fabrics are mainly...

  • Curtains that can make you feel relaxed

    Curtains that can make you feel relaxed

    Blue, a kind of graceful color, which can always make people calm down, so more and more people like choosing blue curtains to improve the temperament of whole home and create an elegant environment to have a good relax. The cotton and silk fabric could be able to highlight the elegant feeling of...

  • Are velvet curtains only suitable for winter?

    Are velvet curtains only suitable for winter?

    Velvet fabric can be warm and soft feeling, and they are always recognized that only can be used in winter. Actually it is not correct because they also have good blackout effect for you to use in summer. They are heavy and thick, so it has the thermal function, which can keep the room warm....

  • Width of curtains have different decorative effects

    Width of curtains have different decorative effects

    Especially for those rooms in medium or large size, people usually choose the extra wide curtains to decorate the whole wall. Actually, it can broden the visual space and make people enjoy the outside view fully. Besides, we’d better choose the solid fresh curtain to create a simple and modern...

  • One of the most romantic curtains

    One of the most romantic curtains

    When it is mentioned different colors, purple is attached to be one of the most romantic curtains which are pretty good for your home decor. No matter you are interested in light or dark ones, all these kind of curtains can give you a good impression. Also, purple ombre curtains will be new...

  • Room Divider Curtains

    Room Divider Curtains

    Nowadays, more and more people like choosing an elegant or funky curtain to instead the doors as the room dividers. It can not only decorate the whole home and improve the temperament, but also can save the whole space to broaden the visual effect. People usually choose the curtain in light color...

  • Long Curtains

    Long Curtains

    Long curtains which refers to the floor to ceiling curtains. This kind of long curtains can broaden the visual effect of window and can also give people a private space, after all the whole window has been covered completely. Besides, the long curtain can improve the temperament of whole home and...

  • butterfly curtains

    butterfly curtains

    Butterfly patterns can always give people an elegant and graceful feeling. So large quantities of curtains are decorated with butterfly patterns. NO matter the embroidery or jacquard craft, all exquisite crafts makes the butterfly curtains more beautiful and dreamy. People usually choose the...

  • Embroidery Curtains

    Embroidery Curtains

    In order to make the curtain more chic and elegant, more and more curtains take advantage of the embroidery craft. The embroidery craft includes flat embroidery, cording embroidery, the water soluble embroidery, paste yarn embroidery and color embroidery. Thus, the floral or botanical or some other...

  • Beige Curtain Panels

    Beige Curtain Panels

    People usually choose beige curtain panels to decorate the study room or patio door and so on. The beige color looks fresh and it can give people a quiet and peaceful feeling, so people will calm down and focus on their work or study. The fabric of beige curtain panels are usually linen, cotton or...

  • Short Curtains

    Short Curtains

    People usually choose short curtains to decorate the bay window. Usually, the color of the short curtains should be light, such as the sage green or pink and so on. The patterns can be botanical or floral, then it can create a pastoral and peaceful environment that people can feel closer to the...

  • Botanical Curtains

    Botanical Curtains

    People usually choose botanical curtains to go well with the modern indoor furnishing. The color of the botanical curtain should be bright and the fabric should be breathable and Eco-friendly. The botanical pattern makes the curtain more chic and elegant, and the botanical curtains can create a...

  • Bedroom curtains ideas

    Bedroom curtains ideas

    As we know, bedroom is a private space for people to have a good sleep. Thus, the bedroom curtain should be able to protect people’s privacy and give people a free space. Besides, the bedroom curtain need to reduce the outside noise create a peaceful environment. Thus, the heavy and thick fabric,...