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  • Blue Butterfly Print Polyester Custom Country Kids Curtains
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    Blue Butterfly Print Polyester Custom Country Kids Curtains
    description The curtain in pastoral style is favored by more and more people. The curtain is decorated with butterfly, so people usually choose the curtain to decorate the kids room. The blue color is favored by many kids. It can show the kid's pure and naive character. It can also create a dreamy world for kids. The polyester fabric is Eco-friendly and it touches soft and silky. It makes the curtain more smooth and straight. The print craft is non-toxic, so it is safe for kid's health. It makes the butterfly more vivid and dynamic, and the curtain and the room look more energetic and beautiful. The curtain can block the stong light and make the interior light soft. It can insulate the heat and prevent kids from being burted by direct hot sunlight. Kids will have comfortable and warm environment to have a good rest.

Kids Curtains

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