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Introduction of types of sheer curtains in detail

2017-07-26 03:07:29

Window is one of the bridge that connect the indoor room with the outside world. The outside fresh air will not be able to enter into your home if there is no window. Sometime, for beautiful appearance or protecting people's privacy, we usually like hanging on sheer curtains. An elegant sheer curtain can play the decorative role very well. Besides, sheer curtains can also block the strong light and give people a soft and breathable environment. Then, what are those types of sheer curtains? Let's have a look!

Cloth sheer curtains

Cloth curtains can also be divided into silk, cotton, artificial fiber fabrics and so on. Cotton is breathable and it is able to absorb the moisture. So it is also a good fabric to make clothes. However, cotton fabric is easy to wrinkle and it can not be fixed with other bright colors. The color of cotton fabric will be faded easily and it will shrink a little after being washed in water. What's more, its poor flexibility, strong alkali resistance are its disadvantages and it is easy to get mildew. Linen fabric is a kind of plant fiber, so it it similar with the cotton fabric. But linen fabric touches smoother and softer. And it is breathable and has a good flexibility. It has a strong ability to absorb the moisture and insulate the heat.

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Gauze sheer curtains

This kind of sheer curtain looks polished and its bright color can show a luxury and noble feeling. Besides, it is thin and light, and it can be made of summer clothes. It has a good moisture insulation, so it can give people a cool feeling. In addition, the natural silk with protein is good for people's skin and health. Meanwhile, it is easy to wrinkle and shrink, so we need to ironing the fabric or it will be easy to faded. Especially for clothes, we can add some acid detergents in the water when washing it. We have to use the dedicated silk detergent to wash this kind of fabric. It should be dried in the shadow and the ironing temperature should be about 150 degrees celsius.

Roman sheer curtains

The roman sheer curtains is a kind of pull-up sheer curtain. It is different from the traditional opening methods. So it can make the indoor space large and give people a broad visual effect. When pulling up the Roman sheer curtain, it will add the layering sense and make your windows look more beautiful and chic. We can also add a lining layer to darken the room. and get a certain blackout rate.

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Blind sheer curtains

They are mainly divided into wooden material and aluminum material. The blind curtains are being used widely and it is a good choice to control the lighting and protect people's privacy. It is breathable and can adjust the lighting freely. Additionally, the wooden blind curtains can give people a noble and graceful feeling. Different wooden textures can be used to make different furniture.

Above all, no matter what kinds of sheer curtains, they all have their advantages and irreplaceable performance as well as disadvantages. Thus, we have to take our actual requirements into consideration carefully. When we choose sheer curtains, we'd better choose the famous brand, or we may buy the fake products. Finally, I hope that this article would be helpful for you.

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