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Washing Maintenance
Washing suggestion Maintenance advice
  • 1. Daily vacuuming is good method to keep curtain clean, especially to remove the dust between structure, since there are many dust in the city, air quality is poor, do the cleaning twice a week, that keeps house clean and filters dirty in the air. If you have baby in the house, that can reduce baby asthma.
  • 2. Curtain had better be cleaned every three months, since it is easy to have dust in the curtain for long time use. You can wash every two months in spring and fall, it is better not to dry, natural air drying is the best to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • 3. Normal curtain can be placed into washing machine, besides detergent, we had better add some softener that can make curtain more softer and more smooth.
  • 4. Velvet curtain has good dust collection maintenance, we can clean it by cleaner, before washing, we had better shake it outside, then put it in warm water with detergent for 15 minutes, do not hard twist avoid curtain falling off. You can use hand to press and wash, then put it in oblique rack to cool it, do not dry it in the sun.
  • 5. Curtain with beaded valance can be soaked by water, then wash it by soda water(10g soda against half a bucket of water), then use detergent to wash twice.
  • 6. Special curtain like linen/cotton , chenille and so on had better be sent into dry cleaner, special material has shrink reaction.
  • 7. As for the curtain stained with besmirch, do not need to fully removed, you can wipe dirty away by clean cloth and avoid leaving mark, you had better start from besmirch periphery, or you can cover it with decoration.