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shading standard
Living room20%-90%depends on sunshine, day lighting and etc
Master bedroomabove 60%
Kids room40%-70%kids need nature day and night rule
Bedroomabove 50%
Sleep lateabove 80%if not good, add one piece blackout fabric

*The left form is the reference of shading sex choice for different rooms, there will be related description for shading standard.

*The followings are different shading standard percentage descriptions for reference.

  • silk as thin as cicada! It is very bright, that has certain blackout sunlight for UV and has good permeability!
  • bright and hazy! Almost have 20% shading sex maintenance.
  • somewhat hazy thick yarn series.
  • blackouts above 95% UV to protect furniture, close curtain and prevents from sunlight, curtain itself do not influence lighting, suitable for kids room, dinning room and etc. Our office room would choose this curtain, do not influence lighting, meanwhile, not affect usage of display, no matter you are in front of curtain or back of curtain, people who use computer would have this feeling.
  • can protect furniture and keep privacy, in general suitable for bedroom and elderly room, since they don’t like too dark environment, they prefer to be waked by sunlight.
  • between 50% and 70%, it is enough for most of people.
  • to the sun during the day, knowing it is very bright but not see it round clearly, it is okay for day and night when closing curtain, density is different from 50% curtain, obviously for thermal insulation in summer.
  • it is somewhat dark when closing curtain in the day. Even it turns on light inside, it is enough dark and thick.
  • it is very dark when closing curtain in the day, maybe people outside can not figure out whether there is people in the night, when you turn on the lights, our office room chosen this curtain in summer, it is not very dark, but very comfortable for sleeping.
  • you can not see fingers when closing curtain in the day.
  • In all, shading sex is the process of physical, shading sex is better for high density and thick curtain, different colors in same fabric has around 20% error! Light color curtain has transmittance of light, dark color curtain has shading sex maintenance!