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Payment Failed Reason And Solution


Top 6 Reasons for Credit Card Payment Failure And Corresponding Solution:

1. Declined by bank, since it is an international transaction, your bank notes it has risk.
(You can call your bank to go through this transaction.)

2. It might have taken long time to confirm the bank transaction and caused a timeout.
(In this case we would like you to please try and make the purchase online again bearing in mind that if you take too long, it might timeout.)

3. The credit card provided has not been approved for international transaction.
(Suggest to open this service and try again to purchase online.)

4. Incorrect CSC code entered.
(Pls try again to purchase online, check and write the correct CSC code.)
5.The payment might be waiting for the bank artificial review.
(Please contact your bank to solve this.)

6.The credit card provided has expired or has insufficient funds.
(You can check if your credit card has such problem)

7.If credit card can not work, we do recommend you can pay with western union or PayPal.