Curtain types


for customers that have installed roman rod or track

How to do with customers that have not installed roman rod or track?

  • If window box was reserved when decorating house, it is better to install track.
  • If not, it is more beautiful to install roman rod.
A=wall width
B=distance from roman rod bottom to floor
Roman rod length(rod finials included)=A-8cm
Metal hook type curtain height=B-3cm
Grommet top type curtain height=B+3cm
A=window width
C=distance from roman rod bottom to floor
Roman rod length=A+40cm
Metal hook type curtain height=C-3cm or 5cm
Grommet top type curtain=C+3cm
A=curtain width, B=20cm
C=curtain height, D=15-20cm
Roman rod length(rod finials not included)=A+40cm
Metal hook type curtain height=C+D-3cm
Grommet top type curtain height=C+D+3cm
Bay window or balcony has turn design, it can be installed
into curved track, so than curtain can slide at turning.

A, B and C mean three sides of bay window,
track can be installed into one, two or three
sides of window, it all depends on whether there is glass.
Curtain height=D-2cm
A=wall width
B=height from gesso line to floor
Curtain width=A*2
Grommet top type curtain height=B-6cm(with gesso line)/ B-8cm(without gesso line)
A=window width +40cm
B=height from gesso line to floor
Curtain width=A*2
Grommet top type curtain height=B-6cm(with gesso line)/B-8cm(without gesso line)
material calculation

Curtain material calculation

Normal material width calculation:
Since curtain has drapes, so width of curtain is around 1.5-3 times as long as track, we usually default 2 times, since binding is needed for making curtains, there is 10-15cm length loss, for customers who are serious about the width, loss had better be calculated into curtain.
Processing method

common processing methods

Wearing hook methods

three kinds of wearing hooks

Fabric crafts

curtain fabric knowledge

What is material of your curtains? What are the advantage of the material?

The following icon is for your reference

[Material] : poly/cotton blending
[Feature] : cotton included, has cotton hand touching, close to skin and resistance to sunlight that makes room warm.
[Material] : cotton/linen blending
[Feature] : linen’s texture, surface has slightly bast fiber fabric joint feeling, it’s not easy pilling and has soft and natural transmittance.
[Material] : polyester
[Feature] : material is non-aging and high density, has good hang down maintenance, washable dry and wrinkle free, color is solid and exquisite.
[Material] : full blackout print polyester
[Feature] : 100% full physical shading, made with three layers of woven, inter layer of tight black silk, material has glaze and matte finish, matte side is tight and has better shading effect than glaze side.
[Material] : polyester and chenille
[Feature] : soft and thick hand touching, wear-resisting and has good blackout maintenance, fabric is thick.
[Material] : pure linen fabric
[Feature] : Linen fabric is made of linen fiber, natural linen fabric is not without bleach and dye, equipped with linen fiber natural color, surface is exquisite and vivid and has soft and elastic hand touching.
[Material] : yarn-dyed jacquard fabric
[Feature] : soft, exquisite and smooth, fabric has good glaze, hang down maintenance and good breathability, color is exquisite and vivid well
[Material] : embroidery polyester fabric
[Feature] : exquisite handmade embroidery crafts, has smooth and comfortable hand touching, fabric is not the ball against fading, safe and environmental without smell.
[Material] : crewel embroidery fabric
[Feature] : plush feeling, embroidery is thick and vivid, exquisite color and clear layers, vivid character and unique style.
[Material] : jacquard and carved crafts
[Feature] : jacquard has semi transparent effect, various flower styles and freestyle.
[Material] : special embroidery sheer
[Feature] : knit embroidery is belong to highly difficult special embroidery, takes advantage of heat shrinkage features and knit embroidery has best effect.
price calculation

curtain price calculation

Curtain price=(one piece fabric price+processing cost)*meters to buy

Other complex processing fee is additional charged.

Direct manufacture and breaking traditional model

Without the middle man, you are the wholesaler here, we will provide you the best discount.

Package delivery

express logistics

Since there is processing time for curtains, we have many orders to process, in general, you can receive the curtain in 10-15 days, if it is in season, it would take more time, if you are urgent, pls order in advance in order not to waste your time.

washing notice

washing maintenance

Washing suggestion Maintenance advice
  • 1. Daily vacuuming is good method to keep curtain clean, especially to remove the dust between structure, since there are many dust in the city, air quality is poor, do the cleaning twice a week, that keeps house clean and filters dirty in the air. If you have baby in the house, that can reduce baby asthma.
  • 2. Curtain had better be cleaned every three months, since it is easy to have dust in the curtain for long time use. You can wash every two months in spring and fall, it is better not to dry, natural air drying is the best to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • 3. Normal curtain can be placed into washing machine, besides detergent, we had better add some softener that can make curtain more softer and more smooth.
  • 4. Velvet curtain has good dust collection maintenance, we can clean it by cleaner, before washing, we had better shake it outside, then put it in warm water with detergent for 15 minutes, do not hard twist avoid curtain falling off. You can use hand to press and wash, then put it in oblique rack to cool it, do not dry it in the sun.
  • 5. Curtain with beaded valance can be soaked by water, then wash it by soda water(10g soda against half a bucket of water), then use detergent to wash twice.
  • 6. Special curtain like linen/cotton , chenille and so on had better be sent into dry cleaner, special material has shrink reaction.
  • 7. As for the curtain stained with besmirch, do not need to fully removed, you can wipe dirty away by clean cloth and avoid leaving mark, you had better start from besmirch periphery, or you can cover it with decoration.
shading standard

shading standard

Living room20%-90%depends on sunshine, day lighting and etc
Master bedroomabove 60%
Kids room40%-70%kids need nature day and night rule
Bedroomabove 50%
Sleep lateabove 80%if not good, add one piece blackout fabric

*The left form is the reference of shading sex choice for different rooms, there will be related description for shading standard.

*The followings are different shading standard percentage descriptions for reference.

  • silk as thin as cicada! It is very bright, that has certain blackout sunlight for UV and has good permeability!
  • bright and hazy! Almost have 20% shading sex maintenance.
  • somewhat hazy thick yarn series.
  • blackouts above 95% UV to protect furniture, close curtain and prevents from sunlight, curtain itself do not influence lighting, suitable for kids room, dinning room and etc. Our office room would choose this curtain, do not influence lighting, meanwhile, not affect usage of display, no matter you are in front of curtain or back of curtain, people who use computer would have this feeling.
  • can protect furniture and keep privacy, in general suitable for bedroom and elderly room, since they don’t like too dark environment, they prefer to be waked by sunlight.
  • between 50% and 70%, it is enough for most of people.
  • to the sun during the day, knowing it is very bright but not see it round clearly, it is okay for day and night when closing curtain, density is different from 50% curtain, obviously for thermal insulation in summer.
  • it is somewhat dark when closing curtain in the day. Even it turns on light inside, it is enough dark and thick.
  • it is very dark when closing curtain in the day, maybe people outside can not figure out whether there is people in the night, when you turn on the lights, our office room chosen this curtain in summer, it is not very dark, but very comfortable for sleeping.
  • you can not see fingers when closing curtain in the day.
  • In all, shading sex is the process of physical, shading sex is better for high density and thick curtain, different colors in same fabric has around 20% error! Light color curtain has transmittance of light, dark color curtain has shading sex maintenance!

shopping notes

Purchase notes, please read carefully

About color difference

all items in our website are in kind shooting, because of different brightness, shooting angle, sunlight and other elements, items maybe have different color in different display, it is all belongs to normal phenomenon, the actual color is in kind prevail. If you are serious about the color, pls contact our customer service and get the sample, then you can solve the color difference.

About size

according to GB5296.4-1998 <textile and apparel consumer operating instructions>, it is available that positive and negative error is less than 3%. Since curtain is belong to handmade products, fabric itself has elastic maintenance, at the same time, different people has different measuring method, size error is unavoidable.

Goods receipts

we recommend that customers had better sign in yourself, if you ask others for signing in, pls check the item first before sign in, if package is damaged, pls directly refuse to accept, and contact us shipping again, at the same time, pls do not use sharp knife when opening package, if the damage is caused by human, we would refuse returns and exchange. Price difference of exchange and shipping fee do not support coupon code.


since curtain is belong to handmade items, it is unable to secondary sales, before making the curtain, customers had better make sure of curtain’s width and height. If the reason is customers provided wrong size, you feel not beautiful as picture, do not like style and color, and style does not match with your room, we do not accept the return and exchange. If it is quality or processing problem, pls contact our customer service and we will solve for you. if the damage is caused by human, we would refuse returns and exchange. Hope you can understand!

About smell

the fabric we choose has inspection certification of quality, pls rest assured to buy. Curtain itself does not have smell, maybe somewhat plastic smell that left by express sending package, don’t worry, it would disappear after cooling them in several days, if you are sensitive about the smell, before hanging up, pls wash curtains at first, since curtains would be folded before delivery, maybe there is some crease, it is not belong to quality problem, if convenience, you can hang down after low temperature of ironing.

about us

company profile

27 year experience of focusing on making curtains

We own advanced imported equipment, has extra big 69,000 square meters production base, we strict control of every process from material selection to make curtains.

Brand honor, power to witness

  • In 1988, highendcurtain was founded and became the first private enterprise specializing in the production of curtains.
  • In 1991, highendcurtain was registered and we started the brand operation.
  • In 1995, highendcurtain initiated sheer curtain spray process, leaded sheer curtain into colorful world. At the same time, we won national honor.
  • In 2006, we set up company in United States, highendcurtain quickly enters the American market through good quality and service, on average every ten families has one to choose highendcurtain.
  • In 2009, company combined more than twenty year’s experience of producing, research and development with international marketing and etc, we started into domestic market, and developed the first 1,200 square meters highendcurtain.
  • In 2013, highendcurtain was spread around the domestic market by O2O type.
  • In 2014, highendcurtain sales growth is above 100%.
  • We are still on the way, continue to serve you!