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  • Beige Floral Embroidery Chenille Thermal Elegant Window Curtains
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    Beige Floral Embroidery Chenille Thermal Elegant Window Curtains
    description The beige floral funky curtain is mainly designed to go well with the European indoor furnishing and create a dreamy and beautiful environment for people. The beige color looks fresh and it can give people a graceful feeling. The embroidery floral pattern makes the beige curtain more funky and luxury. People usually choose the curtain to decorate the living room to give guests a deep impression and then improve the temperament of whole home. The floral luxury curtain takes advantage of the water soluble embroidery craft. It just embroider the floral pattern on the paper first, then use the syrup to dissolve the paper and the embroidery floral pattern is left. The floral pattern looks more stereo and vivid. And this floral curtain has a good light transmission, so people can have a bright and soft environment. The sheer curtain also takes advantage of the color embroidery craft. It is so exquisite that makes the floral pattern more beautiful and chic. The color of the floral pattern will not be faded easily. The sheer curtain looks more graceful and make the room more harmonious. The beige floral funky curtain is made of chenille fabric, which has the thermal function, so the chenille curtain can keep the room warm and give people a comfortable space. It can also insulate the heat and maintain the indoor temperature stable. The funky curtain has the decorative and pragmatic function.