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  • Taupe Waverly Rustic Grommet Thermal Soundproof Curtains
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    Taupe Waverly Rustic Grommet Thermal Soundproof Curtains
    description The taupe waverly curtain designed to go with American or vintage style. The long beautiful curtain can improve the temperament of whole home and create an elegant and unique home. The exquisite craft makes the waverly pattern more chic and stereo. The lines are wearable and the color is firm, so the whole beautiful curtain looks more high-end. The high-end beautiful curtain is made of chenille fabric, which is heavy and thick. Then the vintage curtain can be straight and smooth. The white sheer curtain is also decorated with beautiful floral pattern. So the sheer curtain looks more chic and color of floral pattern will not be faded easily. The beautiful sheer curtain can block the strong light and give people a graceful and bright environment. It can also decorate the whole home and change the indoor temperament effectively. The vintage cloth curtain has the thermal function, so it can keep the room warm and maintain the indoor temperature stable. It can also reduce the noise and make the room quiet.