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  • Sage Green Waverly Beautiful Long Room Divider Curtains
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    Sage Green Waverly Beautiful Long Room Divider Curtains
    description The sage green pastoral curtain looks so beautiful that can give people a dreamy and elegant environment. People can feel energetic and peaceful under the chic floral curtain. You can also choose the beautiful curtain to beautify your home and improve the temperament of home. The floral pattern takes advantage of the print craft, which is non-toxic and digital, so it is safe for people's health and the color of the floral pattern will not be faded easily. The sheer curtain which decorated with the same pattern looks more graceful and chic. It can not only block the strong light, but also can make people enjoy the whole attractive view. The pastoral curtain combines the linen and cotton fabric together, so it can insulate the radiation and bacteria, then people can have a breathable and clean environment. As we know, the linen products will shrink after being washed in the water, so we'd better wash the blended curtain in dried way.