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  • Nice Heat Blocking Damask Energy Saving Curtains
     $32.99 $54.76
    Nice Heat Blocking Damask Energy Saving Curtains
    description The fresh beige color, and chic damask pattern make the whole curtain suitable for European style. The head of the damask curtain decorated with velvet cloth and beads patterns make the whole modern curtain more funky. But you need to contact the service staff and the price is not included. The damask pattern takes advantage of the jacquard craft, which is so exquisite that makes damask patterns more vivid and chic. The beige sheer curtain decorated with embroidered floral pattern, so it looks more graceful and can create a harmonious effect. The purple damask curtain can always create a dreamy and romantic environment. The luxury and noble temperament can make your home more unique and attractive. The luxury damask curtain combines the polyester and cotton fabric, so it is heavy and thick and it can keep the whole beautiful curtain straight and smooth. The graceful sheer curtain also decorated with purple floral pattern. The exquisite embroidery craft makes floral patterns more beautiful. Red damask curtain can show master's warm and enthusiastic character.And red will be never out of date. The jacquard craft and blended fabric makes the whole red damask curtain more funky and high-end. We'd better wash the blended curtain in cold water and let it dried under the wind or sunlight naturally. The graceful sheer curtain can block the strong light and give people a soft and bright space. The beautiful damask cloth curtain can darken the room and protect people's privacy due to the blended fabric. It can also insulate the heat and offer a comfortable and warm space.
  • Purple Vintage Tall Room Darkening Waverly Curtains
     $46.99 $78.00
    Purple Vintage Tall Room Darkening Waverly Curtains
    description The purple waverly curtain with large floral patterns can create a graceful and elegant environment. It can improve the temperament at once. The print craft makes the floral patterns look more vivid, just like the hand painting. The polyester and cotton fabric is Eco-friendly and breathable. It touches soft and smooth and there is no chemical elements in it. The blended fabric has been thickened, so it can darken the room and protect people's privacy. The sheer curtain is decorated with the same patterns. It looks graceful that can create a harmonious and romantic environment.