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  • Floor to Ceiling Modern Custom Plaid Curtains
     $32.99 $54.76
    Floor to Ceiling Modern Custom Plaid Curtains
    description The plaid curtain in modern and European style can create an elegant and graceful environment. There are five colors, and all curtains are with same fabric, craft and so on. The head of the white lace sheer pattern can be customized according to people's demands, but people need to pay extra money. The jacquard craft makes plaid patterns look more vivid and chic. It can add the funky and dynamic feeling. The modern curtain combines the polyester and cotton fabric together, so it touches soft and smooth and can give people a comfortable feeling. The lime green sheer curtain can block the strong light and give people a soft and bright space. The blended modern curtain can insulate the heat and radiation to keep the indoor room breathable.
  • Gray and Purple Floral Printed Linen Vintage Curtains For Windows
     $72.99 $121.16
    Gray and Purple Floral Printed Linen Vintage Curtains For Windows
    description The curtain in pastoral style is usually used to decorate the bedroom or the living room in order to improve the temperament of the room. More and more people in modern society like the pastoral style very much, because it can make people feel closer to the nature and have a peaceful rest after a whole day's tired work. The curtain combines the gray and purple color together. The splicing curtain makes the room more stereoscopic. The light color can give people a peaceful and graceful feeling. The linen fabric is Eco-friendly and breathable. It touches smooth and there is no chemical elements in it, so it is safe for people's health. And it is easy to handle. The print craft makes the floral pattern more vivid and the curtain looks beautiful and vintage. The color of the floral pattern will not be faded after using for along time. The shading rate of the curtain is about 75%. It can block the light and protect people's privacy effectively. So it is beautiful and pragmatic.