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  • Custom Dark Gray Cool Paris Curtains for Windows
     $46.99 $78.00
    Custom Dark Gray Cool Paris Curtains for Windows
    description The dark gray curtain decorated with Eiffel Tower can create a classical and French feeling. The cool dark gray color is very popular in this modern society, especially for young people. The Eiffel Tower takes advantage of the print craft, so it looks vivid and chic. The real picture can make people feel closer to Paris. The funky curtain combines the linen and cotton fabric together, so it is Eco-friendly and breathable. We'd better wash the blend curtain in cold water and let it dried in the wind or sunlight naturally and directly. The cool curtain can block the strong light and make the indoor light soft. It can also insulate the heat and darken the room to protect people's privacy. Then, a cool and pragmatic curtain must be a good choice.
  • Dark Gray Waverly Custom Rustic Velvet Thermal Curtains
     $42.99 $71.36
    Dark Gray Waverly Custom Rustic Velvet Thermal Curtains
    description The dark gray beautiful curtain is suitable for the American or European indoor furnishing. The vivid waverly pattern makes the curtain more fancy and chic, which can improve the temperament of whole home. The waverly pattern takes advantage of the embossed craft, so the floral pattern looks vivid and stereo. The color of the pattern will not be faded and the whole scene can make people feel in the garden. Thew white sheer curtain is decorated with the same pattern, and the sheer curtain looks so beautiful and elegant that makes the whole room more harmonious and graceful. The beautiful and vintage curtain is made of velvet fabric. It is heavy and thick, so it makes the beautiful curtain more straight and smooth. It touches soft and smooth and there is no chemical elements in it. The graceful sheer curtain can block the strong light and decorate the whole room, so you will have a bright, soft and graceful environment to have a good relax. The vintage cloth curtain has the thermal function, so it can keep the room warm and maintain the indoor temperature stable. The velvet curtain can also protect people's privacy and reduce the noise effectively, then people can also have a quiet and private space.