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  • Brown Polka Dot Print Velvet Cute Bedroom Curtains
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    Brown Polka Dot Print Velvet Cute Bedroom Curtains
    description The curtain in brown color looks modern while vintage. People usually choose the curtain to decorate the bedroom or the living room. The curtain takes advantage of the nano-meter soundproof ring, so it can reduce the outside noise and make the room quiet. The velvet fabric is Eco-friendly and breathable. It touches soft and smooth. We'd better wash the curtain in cold water and let it dried under the wind or sunlight naturally and directly. The print fabric is non-toxic and firm, so it is safe for people's health and the color of the polka dots will not be faded easily even after using for a long time. The sheer curtain can insulate the heat and make the indoor light soft. The cloth curtain can protect people's privacy and give people a safe and free space. Especially for bedroom, a private place, most people pay much more attention to theri privacy.