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  • Camel Plaid Print Linen/Cotton Blend Bedroom Curtains
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    Camel Plaid Print Linen/Cotton Blend Bedroom Curtains
    description The color block vintage curtain is mainly designed to go well with the oriental indoor furnishing. The camel color can show the master's steady and reliable character. The plaid pattern makes the vintage curtain more pastoral and chic. The vintage curtain takes advantage of the nano-meter soundproof ring, so it can reduce the noise when people pull on the curtain. The plaid pattern takes advantage of the print craft, which is digital and non-toxic, so it is safe for people's health and the color of the curtain will not be faded easily. The vintage curtain combines the linen and cotton fabric together, so there is half cotton fabric and half linen fabric. So it is Eco-friendly and breathable. It touches soft and smooth. There is no chemical elements in it. The vintage blended curtain can insulate the radiation and bacteria effectively, so people will have a clean and warm environment. The blended curtain can also block the strong light and protect people's privacy due to its dark color, so people can also have a soft and safe space.