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  • Lime Green and White Leaf Print Poly/Cotton Blend Country Living Room Curtains
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    Lime Green and White Leaf Print Poly/Cotton Blend Country Living Room Curtains
    description The lime green and white color look fresh and it can create a peaceful environment. The country style can go well with the modern indoor furnishing easily. People usually choose the curtain to decorate the bedroom or the living room. The print craft is non-toxic and there is no chemical elements in it, so it is safe for people's health. The color of the leaf pattern will not be faded easily even after using for a long time. The print craft makes the leaf pattern more vivid and real. It can create a dreamy environment that people can feel they are in the nature. The curtain combines the polyester and cotton fabric together, so it is skin-friendly and breathable. It touches soft and smooth. We'd better wash the curtain in cold water and let it dried under the wind or sunlight naturally and directly. The curtain has two color, the green color and the white color. You can combine the two color together or just choose one color according to your own willing. The white part has a good light transmission, so it will not darken the room. It can just block the strong light and make the indoor light soft. The green part can protect people's privacy and give people a safe and free space.

    by Caroline
    The color on the picture is light, maybe due to the strong lighting. The real product is good. Just...

    by Juliet
    It can't be better anymore. No matter the quality, or the style are perfect.

Country Curtains

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