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  • Modern Baby Blue Printed Cotton and Linen Country Curtains
     $102.99 $170.96
    Modern Baby Blue Printed Cotton and Linen Country Curtains
    description The curtain is siutable for living room, bedroom or kids room. The original and uniue design make the room more elegant and simple. The curtain combines baby blue and brown together, so make the room look more stereoscopic. The fresh baby blue color can always relieve people's heart and get relaxed. The pastoral style is popular in most people, especially for young people. Thay have no much time to come to tne nature and relax themseleves, then the curtain in pastoral style can meet their demands. The digital printing is the picture of rabbit, and it adds a cute feeling. The combination of rabbit and wave make the room more energetic, sa if you are playing with the rabbit in the grass. The fabric type is cotton and linen. Obviously, it touches soft. And it is eco-friendly and breathable. The line of the cloth and the fine workmanship make the curtain more stylish. The shading rate is about 70%. When you pull on the curtain, it can not only block the light, but also protect your privacy. Then, you can have a comfortable and safe environment for sleeping.
  • Beige Tree Animal Embroidery Linen/Cotton Blend Country Curtains
     $36.99 $61.40
    Beige Tree Animal Embroidery Linen/Cotton Blend Country Curtains
    description The beige country curtain is mainly designed create a pastoral and peaceful environment for modern people to calm down and have a good relax. The beige color can show the master's pure and naive character and give people a graceful and quiet feeling. The tree and animal pattern makes the beige curtain more elegant that people can feel closer to the nature. The beige pastoral curtain takes advantage of the cording embroidery craft. It just uses the rope to embroider the floral pattern. The rope looks clearly and the pattern looks vivid and stereo. The color of the botanical and animal pattern will not be faded easily. The sheer curtain also takes advantage of the cording embroidery. The pattern is in the same with the cloth curtain. So the whole environment becomes more harmonious. The elegant curtain combines the linen and cotton fabric together. It is a kind of mixed fabric that includes half cotton fabric and half linen fabric. The blended curtain can insulate the bacterial and radiation effectively. It can also make the room cool due to the breathable fabric. People will have a comfortable and soft environment.

Country Curtains

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