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  • Sage Green and Beige Solid Elegant Custom Long Curtains
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    Sage Green and Beige Solid Elegant Custom Long Curtains
    description The elegant solid curtain has two colors, the sage green color and beige color. Both colors are fresh which can make people calm down and have a good relax. The modern simple curtain can be used to decorate patio door, balcony and so on. The wrapping is decorated with lace pattern, so it looks chic and exquisite. The solid modern curtain looks more graceful and elegant. The elegant curtain is made of burlap fabric, which is Eco-friendly and skin-friendly. There is no chemical elements in it and the color of the modern curtain will not be faded easily. \The beige modern curtain is also made of burlap fabric. As we know, the linen or burlap products will shrink after being washed in water, so we'd better not wash the elegant burlap curtain in the water directly. The burlap curtain can block the strong light and make the indoor light soft. It can also insulate the heat and radiation, then people will have a cool and breathable space to their things.

Burlap Curtains

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