Sage green is a neutral color. It can be paired with other complementary colors. Sage green curtains also can be kept serene by juxtaposing it in line with some harmonious analogous shades.
sage green geometric curtain
The very first step to decorating with sage green curtains is in shaping the overall mood and to create a design. You may align wall colors, accessories and furniture designs by choosing an appropriate color scheme so that it goes well with the palette and atmosphere.

Making a kitchen a retreat that is garden inspired looks great with sage green curtains, but it is preferred in cotton. You can add cooking herbs on the walls framed in neutral wood or white to offer a deeper shade. Keep pale yellow and green woven rug, wood flooring and white appliances. This goes well with sage green in combination.
modern sage green curtain
The curtains in sage green are slowly catching up with contemporary living room. Yet, some people find it a bold color. Ensure to provide something in contrast without the design getting detracted. You can add metallic picture frames and some selected artistic pieces to fit in.

Sage green curtains lined in floor-length looks good in a sitting room. Remember to maintain a showpiece sofa in olive greed featuring some red pattern, an antique books shelf, crystal figurines and any heavy inherited dresser. Maintain olive and red tapestry rugs to harmonize the curtain and the patterned couch. But, a very important point is to add curtains in sheer white behind the focal points so that it permits filtered light to enter the formal room and ensure the tiebacks match the customized designed curtains.
custom elegant sage green curtain
To keep welcoming and feeling light, choose accessories in natural shades or cloud white. However, include napkins, plates and serving trays in the color scheme. Get tiebacks from some fabric stores that are attractive to your eye.
chic wooden shelf decoration
What’s more, we may as well add some indoor accessories to match with the sage green curtains and strengthen the whole visual effect. The wooden shelf has several levels, which can be used to put all kinds of plants to create a pastoral environment and make your home air fresher. You can also paint it into other colors according to your home color and style. After all, the whole harmonious effect is the most important that can make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Of course, if you prefer deeper green colors, you may as well refer to this article of emerald green curtains.

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