Blue Themed Home Decor As You Like

Curtains make up a large part of the décor in any room of your home. Curtains will significantly change the look and feel of any space by its brilliant colors and design. Blue is one of the ideal colors for most individuals. It is considered to be nature’s color of sky and water. These curtains blend well with the furniture in your living room and also extends the beauty of your door and window frames. A well-fashioned home that incorporates the bluetheme meets the desired expectations of the blue plaid curtains. Your sofa sets and furniture may have a few patches of the color if not as a whole.

The distinct patterns in the blue plaid curtains give you an idea of coordinating the colors when completing your home with relevant items. Almost everything in your living room will be deriving their color from the blue plaidcurtains. Other colors that can go hand in hand with the blue plaid curtains include light blue, white, gray and even a lighter shade of brown.

The artifacts and wall paintings can also compound well with the color of your curtains. The walls can either adopt the blue or white color, or a mixture of the same. Other items that can mingle expertly with your blue plaid curtains is by getting a sofa that has a checked pattern and incorporates both the blue and white exemplars. You can also go for one that has flower patches. A sofa that has more of the white with blue flowers can do the trick and they can also combine with the color on your carpet. Do not forget to lay emphasis on your windows and doors too as they are part of the décor.

Blue Pastoral Blended Custom Plaid Curtains

The face fabric of the curtains needs to be visible from the interiors. The pair should be uniform on both ends to leave a bigger space for more light during the day. A wall clock can be positioned next to the window beside the blue plaid curtains. It would be perfect if it harmonizes almost every color that is incorporated in the design. Cushions and other furniture can also be placed adjacent to the window to resemble the same theme with different patterns. You have the freedom to choose a plain blue, checked blue or white provided all colors are consolidated in your blue plaid curtains.

Actually there are different ways to decorate your home in a blue style, you can choose all wonderful things according to your own taste and interest.

A coastal breeze–a select of nautical curtains

A house without appropriate decor looks dull and lifeless. People nowadays spend a lot of time and money trying to achieve the perfect look in their littlepiece of heaven. Unlike other essentials, your curtain choice can either light up the room or make it look unappealing and boring. They are available in all shades and materials of fabric one can think of, leaving you with countless options! You can invite the sun in your room with net curtains or enjoy the soothing charm of the ocean with curtains. From creating a calm sophisticated look with white or cream to bright and cheerful orange, this kind of curtains can do it all.

nautical curtain

Nautical curtains are the latest trend. They can furnish a lovey rustic charm to your room, especially if you opt for a light and airy look. They can be made in a wide variety of fabrics both heavy and light. A lining can be added behind the curtains for blackout, or a sheer and flowing fabric like chiffon could add an elegant touch. They can be done in heavy, stain free cotton which can be weighed down to hang straight and also offer a huge variety of patterns and shades to choose from. Just a tip from my personal experience; keep an eye out for stock clearance or end of season sales, you could find something beautifully elegant yet easily affordable!

nautical curtain

For abstract art lovers, nautical curtains are also available in beautiful combination of blue and white geometrical patterns or cabana stripes. They even come in beautiful digital prints of a scenic ocean, or prints of boats and anchors. You can choose from hues of blue to sea-greens and turquoise or the many shades of the beach sand in earthy brown tones.

The best thing about these is their versatility; from living room to bedroom, they go with everything, especially if you have a Neptunian theme going on. The atmosphere can be bright and cheery with bright colors and prints for a child or mellow and more romantic with digital prints for an adult with a soft cream or pastel decor for the room. Some soft cushions in oceanic colors and different decorative items such as small anchors, sailboats or a ship’s wheels can be used to accentuate the coastal theme.

nautical curtain

All in all, what informed above has a huge range of options to offer. You can choose from coarse fabric for a rustic look to a soft delicate fabric like lace, throw in accessories to give extra details to your curtains such as manila or hemp rope tie backs with decorative fish or ship’s wheels hanging from them. Whichever look you choose, there is a very little chance you can go wrong with this flexible yet gorgeous theme!

A change of curtain can make your room fresh

Have you watched those shows and movies set in the Victorian Era and gushed over the beautiful decor, the tapestries, the long flowing curtains and the giant chairs? It is these simple things that can boost the grandeur of a place several notches up! the giant chairs? It is these simple things that can boost the grandeur of a place several notches up!

long curtains for living room

Taking a leaf out of their book, there is a simple way you can give your own house a regal air; by getting long curtains for living rooms. Living rooms are that one place of the house where the entire family spends most of their time, and if they’re decorated the right way, they can very well double as a drawing room. This just adds to the importance of adopting a careful and thoughtful process when it comes to decorating this room, and long curtains are just a simple way you can assure this.

long curtains for living room

Long curtains for living rooms are not necessarily defined by a length per say. Instead the best part about them is that they can be tailor-made for your room. Their length depends on your windows, or from where you would like the curtains to begin. Ideally one can let long curtains touch the ground or hover just an inch above. The idea is to add character to the place through long curtains for living rooms and it all comes down to your selection. They come in numerous designs and styles, each to cater to your requirements. You can start anywhere, from making your living room classy by choosing long beige curtains in soft material like silk with lace, or add depth with a dark color like navy or maroon in a heavier fabric. You can also take their elegance a step higher by adding more volume to the curtains. One such way would be to add more panels to the curtains which not only makes them look sharper but also adds flair to the curtains as they dip towards the floor. Another trick is to add a heavy lining too which further adds to the weight and thus lends more volume.

long curtains for living room

While many think that having long curtains for living rooms would mean getting a big dent on the budget, it is not necessarily true. Keep in the mind why you prefer these curtains over regular ones. It could be because you just want a light windy but delicate look with long curtains, or a more somber one with heavy materials, or you simply like the look, no harm in that either! You can then choose your fabric according to your taste and try to keep an eye out for discounts or clearances. A little smartness here can translate into a large saving!
From rustic prints to vibrant bright fabric, long curtains for living rooms are not a fad, they are here to stay!

The best ideas to decorate the living and dining rooms in a modern style

A living room, designed in the modern style, will definitely fetch you appreciation from the guests, visiting your house. Most importantly, a fashionable and stylish living room will make your sweet home, sweeter. The modern home decoration idea gives equal importance to the design of the dining rooms as well. Let’s explore a few points that can enable you to get the perfect show for your dinning and living rooms.

Green and White Print Curtains

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Use of basic shades for the walls and ceilings

The living rooms is the place where you will be receiving your guests. Hence, if you have to impress the guests, you have to do that here. So far the design of the living room or the dinning room is concerned, you can opt for the basic shades for the walls and the ceiling. You can use a single tone color or opt for contrast matching. You need to complement it with brighter lights that will make the place to appear fascinating.

Use of patio furniture and local Rugs

The modern style of home decoration feature the shift from the use of traditional carpets to the use of Local Rugs. These pieces will be installed under the Sofas or under the dining table. Alternatively, it can come under the center table in the living rooms. You can complement this design with the designer or wood floors.

contemporary curtain

For the furniture, you can install the patio furniture that will impart a tough of outdoor living design which is one of the most popular form of modern home design. In this regard, you should use the lighter shade for the furniture cover, complementing with darker cousins. This contrast will impart a stunning show to the rooms and make the space look all the more lively and vibrant. You will certainly love to spend time in rooms, designed in such style.

contemporary curtain

Interior designers suggest the use of ceiling fans with lights, stand lights, and ceiling lights that enhances the aesthetic appearance of the rooms. You should pick the vibrant lights that will be the perfect choice for these rooms. If you have a space crunch, you can divide the space, using a part as the living rooms and the other as the dinning room. You can decorate the rooms with oil paintings and other photographs. Remember, the modern style for designing the rooms emphasize on a minimalist approach. Hence, whatever you do, it should comply with this condition.

contemporary curtaincontemporary curtain

You must pay attention to every detail which is of great importance when you decorate your home. Creating a modern style can’t ignore some soft decorations such as curtains. It is obvious that modern style matches well with contemporary curtains.

The key points that you need to keep in mind while choosing the extra wide curtains

If your doors and windows feature larger width that usual, you will require the Extra Wide curtains to cover up the additional width. However, in addition to serving this purpose, if intelligently used, the curtains of additional width can significantly enhance the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the place. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few key points that you need to keep in mind while installing these curtains.

Extra Wide Nursery Curtains

About the choice of fabric

As usual in the case of choosing any given style or design of the curtains, while picking the extra wide curtains, you need to pick the fabric wisely. In this regard, you should ensure that the entire piece should be crafted with the same fabric. Mismatch in this regard will spoil the show of the curtain and will adversely affect the decoration of the room.

How to decide on the color?

Though you can certainly opt for the wider curtains in single-tone color, however, the majority of the homeowners picks pieces in multiple-shades that enable them to add more grace and elegance to the place. If you have to walk in this way, you need to make the selection of the color wisely. It will be smart enough to opt for the contrast matching style. For instance, you can pick the extra wide curtain that involves the use of black and white shade. If you decide to opt for colorful combination, you should choose those colors that matches each other.

extra wide valance curtains

In this regard, you have the options to go for the solid colors as well as designs. You can even opt for the extra wide curtains that feature the combination of solid and patterned design that appears appealing and enticing. On the whole, the color should be chosen in a style that it matches the shades of the walls as well as the upholstery and the other furnishing and fixtures in the room. You can match extra wide curtains with this kind of wallpaper.

extra wide curtainextra wide curtains

Most importantly, the colors and the design should be chosen in a style that it never hampers the condition of the light inside the rooms.

You can approach a reliable provider to serve the suitable solutions to your needs. In addition to the standard options, the leading providers can serve you customized solutions as well. The suitable selection will elevate the elegance of the place and your guests will surely appreciate your home and your matured and classy taste. As such, carefully chosen curtains with additional width comes as a gallant solution for home decoration.

Beautiful Waverly Curtains, a Simple and affordable choice

Making a house call a home includes real steps and few simple staples as addition to transform it and have an instantly look. There is no doubt that considering beautiful Waverly curtains ensure making any place a cozy place to live. Waverly is a company helping in achieving that you wish and is also affordable. Beautifying your home is one aspect that you can always do by adding curtains, be it your living room, patio or bathroom, Waverly can be considered always for its best features.

Affordable Printed Blend Insulated Waverly Curtains

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Beautiful Waverly curtains are distinct as they are suitable right from the lounge to bedrooms and bathrooms. They are also available in an array of colors, designs and fabrics. However, regardless of the color or theme used, there is choice available in Waverly curtains for anyone to suit any room. The wide choice ascertains pleasing viewers eye with the beautiful popular designs and themes including cheerful yellows and blues, vintage rose screens and also has dolphin and frog theme.

blue waverly curtains

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Waverly curtains are available in different materials that they are easy in maintenance and are durable. The Waverly curtains for the shower are in synthetic and plastic materials, but they also are available in softer forms. However, the plastic curtains are easy and durable to maintain as they can be cleaned with a wet cloth. For richer effect, people can choose to put up screens with softer material, even in the bathroom.

Botanical Printed waverly curtains

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Waverly curtains are really affordable. They are cheaper in prices and offer the advantage of seasonal sales that reduces overall costs. There is no doubt that refurbishing a house is always expensive business and people do get double-minded at the very thought of the cost to be incurred. One best advantage is to consider Waverly curtains, if available, a simple and beautiful choice.

Valance Curtains presents the element of uniformity

Curtains are in different types and are widely used on windows top as treatments. There are two top treatment types, Valences and Cornices. The valance curtains feature flat swags and pinch pleats such that it comes mounted on a board and are later installed with brackets. In fact, valance refers to a short window treatment, hung on the window top, where the bottom hangs loose, while it is installed on the top with a drapery or curtain rod or also can be installed to the wall using brackets or stapled to a wood board.

Beige Floral Jacquard Valance Curtains

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Valance curtains can be in any form, pleated, flat, shirred, trimmed or ruffled with beads. Any type of these curtains offers a soft appearance. there is no doubt that most people love having many windows and as window valance is a window treatment type offering protection and privacy to the things inside, it has valid reasons to be a good choice as window decorations.

Beige Floral Embossed Valance Curtains

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First, window valances curtains conceal curtain rods and also other hardware from view. Valances are hung such that the rod takes at each end a ninety degree turn and goes back to the wall. The beauty is that the valance fabric continues on the rod that it is completely hidden. The beauty is not affected and the smooth look is enhanced.

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Second, though your windows may vary in heights and sizes, the valance curtains are certain to bring uniformity from the inside perspective to your windows. Hanging your valance treatments in one level is possible and even covering more than one window is possible, thus you can keep your home nicely together.

Cream extra wide valance curtains

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Finally, valance curtains bring shape, color and texture to a room. With these curtains, you can have a patterned edge giving shape to your rooms, thereby avoiding the angular look. You can also see many other curtains valance curtains for your home.

Blue Curtains — Creating A Beautiful Environment For Your House

Blue is a graceful and peaceful color, which can bring the natural temperament into people’s life and create a warm and beautiful home. Follwoing you can see pics of the blue curtains which can be good decor for your home.

blue curtains

How can lack of a blue rattan chair in this kind of graceful environment. Beside the fresh curtain, we can put a blue rattan chair for people to have a good relax. The bright color and give people a visual enjoy and the soft and smooth cushion can offer you a comfortable physical experience. Additionally, the unique and funky shape can also decorate the whole room well.

We can also install a blue floor lamp, which is in a Mediterranean style. The body of the blue floor lamp is decorated with blue floral pattern. It is beautiful and stereo, so it makes the whole lamp more funky and beautiful. The blue lighting can make people cal down and soothing people’s hearts.

An unique and chic room mainly depends on the smart and harmonious collocation, so we hould learn more about collocation to make our home special.


Boys Curtains, Keep it Inspiring and Energetic

House adding a playful note is always preferred by children, especially the boys. They love a blend of print and pattern. Creating a happy and bright room or bedroom for the young man of your home implies you must consider inspiring decor focusing boys curtains. Boys love their bedroom and so ensure the curtains of your boys bedroom focuses his choice.

Beige and Blue Kids Curtains

Boy¡¯s room decoration is not easy, so search for some lovely color scheme for the boy’s curtains. It should be kid-friendly and yet not very childish. The boys room should be inspirational. Add a dash of fun by mixing colors such as keep the walls blue featuring an orange bookshelf in contrast and few lime splashes in the color scheme.

Another important point is avoid built-in wall storages for boys as cleaning it up will be difficult during the boys playtime and even after playtime. Instead consider placing colorful baskets and bins even for holding playing cards to art supplies. You can give your boys low shelves to store their games and toys.

Considering nature-inspired boys curtains also is appealing and loved by little boys who love outdoors. Have the curtains emphasizing woodsy feeling and there must be lots of greens to have a charming effect.

boy's Room Curtains

There is always something about stripes that attracts boys and is popular to be an integral part of a boy¡¯s room. You can hang boy¡¯s curtains with different colors and sizes in stripes so that the entire space appears tied together.

Do not miss out on the bunk bed; it is an ideal choice for energetic little boys. Also fit a rolling bookshelf and let the boys curtains have a rod style for curtains that looks masculine and modern. These walls are shelf-lined and they are ideal to display photos, trophies and sports memorabilia.If you want to know more,please see here.


The Collocation of Valance Curtains

The valance is a length of decorative drapery hung above a window to screen the curtain fittings. Let’s see one example of the collocation of the valance curtains.

The curtains can not only cover the top of the window, but also to reduce the natural light screwing into the room. In addition, the valance can also assist the curtains to provide a privacy space for the household.

The windows of the rooms are usually considered to be sensory parts of interior and exterior space, just like our faces. The first thing we notice when we enter a living room, a bedroom or kitchen, is the atmosphere of the room. So we’d better choose the valance of leisure or bright color so that we enjoy the feeling of relaxation it brings about. We can also design valance curtains of different sizes, styles, colors or texture to let it fit our overall home decoration.

Floral Embossed Valance Curtains

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There must a retro deer head wall ornaments beside the curtain, which matches the style of European retro furniture well.

retro deer head wall ornaments

The other side of the curtains is a solid wood hemp hanging mirror, beautiful and practical as one.

solid wood hemp hanging mirror

Have this decoration hitten you?