Valance curtains, a beautiful way of concealing the curtain rod and hardware

Home décor is a big subject and with window treatments, it becomes more important as it affects the entire house. A window valance refers to a drapery or short curtain that falls on your window upper portion only.  Actually valance curtains tastefully conceal the hardware and curtain rod. Now, they are also viewed as window treatments to give windows a fully dressed up fell.

Valances are now available to meet every taste. There are bold patterns and vibrant solids, sheer pastels to silky floral. Here are few valance choices to consider:

Scalloped Valance curtain

Scalloped Valance
Scalloped valance is an elegant addition to living room. It offers more coverage and ensures privacy. Pairing with scalloped valance curtains means you must ensure coordinating with proper matching patterns and shade.

Ascot Valance curtain

Ascot Valance
An ascot valance feature triangular edges such that the points face downward and come attached with decorative tassels. If your furniture features a bold pattern, go for valance that coordinates the shade with balance of color.

Scarf Valance curtain

Scarf Valance
A scarf valance presents a draping effect. This style is suitable for formal living rooms. It also offers a traditional appeal. You may consider valance curtains in thick rich fabrics offering a regal look. You can also consider intertwined sheer scarves for the window; thereby coordinate the colors with romantic addition.

Cornice Valance curtain

Cornice Valance
A cornice valance is constructed typically of a stiff fabric offering a flat appearance. It is hung from a separate rod or attached to the frame. Attaching the cornice valance using Velcro helps in window treatments and it is a simple task. You can also enjoy having your living room look uncluttered, but ensure to have a charming floral valance. For a contemporary living room, accent it with clean lines by choosing cornice valance in solid color.

Exquisite Iron Jewelry Racks

Whether you add panels or use valance, remember to keep the valance height to one-sixth of the overall window.

Provide your room a classy look with Black and white curtains

Curtains are not mere arbitrary material pieces hanging on your window or are some mere window treatments to prevent noise, light and ensure night privacy. In fact, like all other interior design aspects, they have a big role in the overall aesthetics and their composition underlying fall under general in home.

 black and white ABC curtain

Normally, curtains should be given proper concentration as any poor choice makes a vital difference to the energy and ambiance. Rather than having some inoffensive or very safe curtains in the background, do right choice of curtains that enhance your bedroom, dining rooms or lounge décor. Consider the black and white curtains to make a mark.

The curtains when fused with the elements of your interior design complete a neat look. Start first with buying right curtains, though it may be a confusing and elusive task. It is also hard at times to know that will work with the interior elements.

black and white Paris curtain

Improving your house attractiveness is not very easy. It requires a deep thought and a lot effort in combination. The exteriors and interiors must be designed carefully to look stunning. A very important factor is the interior designing. The black and white curtains are always an effective option enhancing the room attractiveness. Designing a room implies consider all the furniture and the flooring as well. Select curtains complementing all the things in the room.

black and white chic curtain

In the modern times, many people like to have curtains that enhance the look of their room, besides its ability. These curtains are now coming in various styles and designs. So choosing one of the best that may suit the room is very important. After all, the whole harmonious effect is the most important that can make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Of course, if you prefer deeper colors, you may as well refer to this article of emerald green curtain.

The funky ferris wheel decoration

Check for the curtains material and preferably cotton is widely used. Even the synthetic materials have made a prominent place as curtain material. The curtain cost is also a crucial factor to be considered as spending money on unattractive material is not wise.

Enhance you sitting room or kitchen with Sage Green Curtains and feel all-natural

Sage green is a neutral color. It can be paired with other complementary colors. Sage green curtains also can be kept serene by juxtaposing it in line with some harmonious analogous shades.
sage green geometric curtain
The very first step to decorating with sage green curtains is in shaping the overall mood and to create a design. You may align wall colors, accessories and furniture designs by choosing an appropriate color scheme so that it goes well with the palette and atmosphere.

Making a kitchen a retreat that is garden inspired looks great with sage green curtains, but it is preferred in cotton. You can add cooking herbs on the walls framed in neutral wood or white to offer a deeper shade. Keep pale yellow and green woven rug, wood flooring and white appliances. This goes well with sage green in combination.
modern sage green curtain
The curtains in sage green are slowly catching up with contemporary living room. Yet, some people find it a bold color. Ensure to provide something in contrast without the design getting detracted. You can add metallic picture frames and some selected artistic pieces to fit in.

Sage green curtains lined in floor-length looks good in a sitting room. Remember to maintain a showpiece sofa in olive greed featuring some red pattern, an antique books shelf, crystal figurines and any heavy inherited dresser. Maintain olive and red tapestry rugs to harmonize the curtain and the patterned couch. But, a very important point is to add curtains in sheer white behind the focal points so that it permits filtered light to enter the formal room and ensure the tiebacks match the customized designed curtains.
custom elegant sage green curtain
To keep welcoming and feeling light, choose accessories in natural shades or cloud white. However, include napkins, plates and serving trays in the color scheme. Get tiebacks from some fabric stores that are attractive to your eye.
chic wooden shelf decoration
What’s more, we may as well add some indoor accessories to match with the sage green curtains and strengthen the whole visual effect. The wooden shelf has several levels, which can be used to put all kinds of plants to create a pastoral environment and make your home air fresher. You can also paint it into other colors according to your home color and style. After all, the whole harmonious effect is the most important that can make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Of course, if you prefer deeper green colors, you may as well refer to this article of emerald green curtains.

Seal balance of heart and head with Emerald green curtains decorating your windows

Creating privacy is a common nature of humans, regardless of whether it is outdoor or indoor living space. There is a need to spruce up the places with curtains. ?There are many colors available. Yet, people consider the colors perspective, meaning and there is the favorite color that also takes a lead in decorating your home.
Emerald Green Summer Curtain
Green is a positive color and emerald green curtains?beautify the place. Colors such as green are believed to offer greater balance of emotions and harmony, creating equilibrium of the heart and the head.

Home windows are always the attraction point and are also the reason for windows to be found decorated with different curtains and blinds. Windows have been home improvements integral part and it is essential to assure that home windows are properly addressed. Remember, the curtains you buy should match the walls color and should also have the right design.
Emerald Green Solid Curtain
There are multiple alternatives available in curtains and if you wish to have emerald green curtains?on your windows ensure your walls have light colors such as half-white or very pale yellow. There is a need to enjoy living in your sanctuary, your home that takes you away from the modern living stresses and restores a well being sense.
Emerald Green Floral Curtain
Green represents freshness, prosperity and progress. In fact, green is also associated with wealth, fresh growth and vitality. This is the reason that green is used to foster creativity. Japanese associate green with eternal life and in the US it is linked to ecological causes.

The curtains are preferred more than blinds when it is referred to attractiveness as curtains feature designs. Besides, curtains offer lot of flexibility and convenience, if someone is very keen on having style and design. Conversely, the curtain fabric colors are expected to go with upholstery on even in contrast.
green peacock desk decoration
In addition, we usually need to choose some chic and attractive indoor decorations to create a harmonious effect. The emerald green curtains can show a bright and noble feeling, so we may as well choose this kind of green exquisite peacock tabel decoration to strengthen the visual effect. The blue beads pendant are also able to attract people’s eyes greatly.

Avert the cold and austere look of your room by adding Yellow and Gray curtains

Curtains complete a room, besides being functional. Indeed they offer a finishing touch and provide the much required shade. The curtains have an impact on the design and décor of the interior space and this is the reason there is a need to think a lot before picking curtains.
yellow and gray solid curtain
Having yellow and gray curtains is a rare color combination and this is because people are used to same typical blue, pink, white or black colors for the curtains. Nowadays, there are array of possibilities and the fact cannot be denied that curtains transform the entire look of the room that would otherwise just look austere and cold.

If you are planning to go for the combination yellow and gray curtains, you have endless options. Look for different shades of gray and ensure these make amazing color schemes. Using yellow curtains ensure a fresh ambiance and also emphasize light. The advantage of having yellow with gray is that with all the light also, the gray color gives a bit of shade.
yellow and gray custom curtain
Yellow curtains allow room to appear fresh and bright, even if light gets blocked. It is also a summer décor color. In yellow, you can consider subtle yellow and avoid the bright yellow, if you are troubled about the thought of envisioning your curtains in yellow.
natural yellow and gray curtain
The best option is to consider a warmer and bolder yellow shade paired with warm, dark gray. Pairing your yellow curtains with orange may ensure cohesion, while having sheer yellow curtains with solid dark gray gives you a way to create a statement. However, if your home has a décor that is beach-inspired, use blue with yellow to make a great combination. More details can refer to the article about home decor ideas.
funky glass vase
The glass vase, regarded as an desk decoration can match with the yellow and gray curtain easily. It can strengthen the visual effect and make the original fresh and peaceful room look more attractive and funky.

Fabric, color, pattern,size and decoration are important considerations. While, brightening a room with colored curtains looks beautiful, ensure everything is in harmony.

Switch over to Beige Curtain Panels and give elegant touch to the décor

Window panels for any home are essential. They are an excellent combination of decoration and stylish design with functional and highly practical use. The treatments of window help us block sunlight and we are ensured of the expected privacy. Choosing these treatment sets include a wide selection and you can consider buying matching valances as well.
beige valance curtain
Buying beige curtain panels help as you can get infinite choices of hanging options. As many colors go well with beige panels. However, you can also consider other options such as it features rod pocket and grommet as well.

Having horizontal embroidered bands as shower curtains featuring brown and tan will look exceptionally good with beige curtain panels. The ivory background always enhances any color coming in contrast. In fact, it is simple to coordinate any style and especially the shower curtains featuring modern and classic pattern in neutral colors and beige add elegant touch to the décor of your bathroom.
cute beige curtain for kids
Regardless of the choices you make with beige curtain panels; bear in mind that if you are adding it to your kid’s bathroom, let the shower curtain liners have magnets so that they stay in place. Another fact is to take the exact measure of the width and length of your window or bathroom. If it is for the bathroom, ensure you want a curtain covering the tub lip or a floor length curtain.
beautiful beige curtains
Deciding ahead helps in quick buying. If you consider buying extra-long or extra-wide curtains, they are regarded to be special sizes. Also consider buying fabric such as cotton, polyester or blend that is machine washable. Likewise, pick a color considering what you want from the curtain to be the main room focus or a subtle touch to the already existing décor.
graceful wall decoration
As we know, beige curtain panels can usually give people a peaceful and graceful environment, so we may as well add the wall decoration to go well with the beige curtain penels. The swan decor is favored by many people which can improve the whole temperament fully anf efficiently.
Finally, do not miss out the rings you have to invest, metal or plastic, solid colored or decorative.

Heat blocking curtains for sleeping environment

Heat blocking curtains
Block heat
Usually if you have noticed then when you visit a hotel they have the heat blocking curtains and that gives you an inspiration of having them at your home so that it matches with the home decor. In the current times the insulated curtains are much more in the mainstream and that means that you are having number of options which can fit your personal needs and style. There are online sites which allow you to develop your own custom curtains. Usually the heat blacking curtains come in the hobbled shades, roman shades; classic shades and the side draw shades.
Heat blocking curtains
Sound  sleep
The main reason why people choose to have this curtain is that it helps in blocking the noise. It blocks light from entering room and also offers you with the private and dark sleep environment. They are similar to the insulated curtain but different than the light blockage and room darkening windows. There are certain factors which are to be considered when you decide to choose one of these curtains for your room. They are much suitable as they are able to block the light which enters the room. This gives you relaxation and also offers you with the place which is dark. It makes sure that your get the proper and private sleeping environment.
They are useful for giving the privacy at night as well. If your living room is facing too much of street light then also you can choose to have these type off curtain. They are available in stores and it is also possible to make you own choice of curtain with your choice of fabric. You can get them easily and it also gets adjusted with the home décor. The heat blocking curtains can give you great sleep and a sound sleep.
Heat blocking curtains
Color choice
The color of heat blocking curtains in room generally choose light colors, such as light purple, white and so on. You can also choose blue because blue represents refreshing, quiet, etc,  which make people rest and serious work.
Bamboo curtains, vertical blinds and venetian blinds can protect the privacy and can benefit the ventilation, beautify the space and control of light. They are different from the curtains which will cover all the windows. As long as you like, you can adjust the light according to your need, making the indoor environment more harmonious. These blinds are flexible and their shapes are  diverse.There are many patterns to choose from.
A good heat blocking curtains in the room can both block the heat and create a cool environment to  inspire people or make people concentrate on work as well as enjoying a good sleep.

Choosing insulated curtains


Curtains are very important part of our daily routine and that has led to different types of curtains availability, a different and unique type of curtain includes the insulated curtains. Usually if you have noticed then when you visit a hotel they have the insulated curtains and that gives you an inspiration of having them at your home so that it matches with the home decor. In the current times the insulated curtains are much more in the mainstream and that means that you are having number of options which can fit your personal needs and style.

insulated curtains


You can get some special curtains from the manufacturers and then usually you get the common window dressing. It means that there is less option to choose from. This is the reason that people also prefer to make their own curtains which can satisfy their needs. There are online sites which allow you to develop your own custom curtains. Usually the insulated curtains come in the hobbled shades, roman shades; classic shades and the side draw shades. They are combined with the draperies and the shutters.

The layer which is at the outermost part is made of different types of fabrics and it is your choice to choose any one of them which can match your requirements. If you are buying the coati form manufacturer then you may get less variety but the quality is rest assured. You can always recover these insulated curtain with the fabric if your choice at a later stage.  The main reason why people choose to have this curtain is that it helps in blocking the noise. It blocks light from entering room and also offers you with the private and dark sleep environment. It is your choice when you wish to wake up and the sun will not decide when you will wake up.

insulated curtains

Commonly using time: summer

In summer, it is very important to choose the suitable curtain in a sunny room such as a study room, children room, bathroom, etc, which can choose some insulated curtains.  It is not only  light and good-looking, but also block the heat out of the window.
insulated curtains

The beautiful effect of curtain to household environment is obvious. When choosing curtains, we pay attention to both beauty and function. For example, in the material choice, due to different environment, different rooms need to consider the function of the curtain adequately. Using the shutter in the kitchen, toilet and so on is more appropriate because of the damp and lampblack. What’s more, the leisure room, tea room is a suitable place to choose wooden or bamboo curtain. The balcony should choose the curtain that fastness to bask and not easy to fade material. We can can choose the good light fabric curtains in the study room, which is helpful to relax body and mind.

Choosing cool shower curtains

Bathroom curtains

Bathroom is the smallest room in our home and they are equally important for us. They are also to be decorated. If you are having a shower then it needs the curtain. There are number of option for having the cool shower curtains. The shower curtains are the one which are used for the practical purpose so that it can help in preventing the water from leaving the shower area. They are also used so that the bathroom can be kept pretty. You need to choose the right cool shower curtain for the bathroom and they can be coordinated with the colors and the hardware.

shower curtain


You can choose the cotton material for the cool shower curtains. They are expensive but they are the solid choice for the shower curtains. They are able to hold the best and they are also very much easy to wash. The bathroom can get a dressier look when the cotton material curtains are used in the bathroom. Cotton is highly able to absorb the moisture in a quick and easy manner. If you get the curtain them make sure that it has a liner along with it of good quality. If you wish to have the cool shower curtains and also something which has low maintenance then the best option to be chosen is the vinyl.

If you do not wish to spend your time in maintain the curtains then the curtain of vinyl material is best option to be chosen. They can be easily cleaned and they are also available in a wide variety of colors. The can be easily matched up with the bathroom décor in simple manner. You can also choose to have the synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. Organic options are also preferable for the cool shower curtains.


Many people hope that their bathroom style will satisfy their dream bathroom.There are many kinds of styles to choose.So it is important to choose a suitable shower faucet to match the bathroom decorations.

shower curtain

There are also other elements affecting the style of the bathroom,such as the towels,bathrobes,bathroom accessory sets,bathroom rugs,bathroom shelves and so on.Let’s look some bathroom design pictures to feel about about it.

shower curtain

This bathroom is designed into bright white design, with a gray pattern, which looks simple and atmospheric.

shower curtain

The same simple white bathroom, using a large number of white elements, is simple but not monotonous,which is suitable for general small family.

shower curtain

This bathroom design is Man’s style.its white walls and dark floors, ceilings, cabinets are in stark contrast.

Today’s introduction is here.Thanks for reading.If you like retro decorations style bathroom, you can match your bathroom with retro curtains..

How to choose extra long curtains

Varieties of curtains

Beige Flower Geometric Patterned Tall Curtain Panels

(ITEM ID:HDCN1709260921393)

There are varieties of curtain which are available in the market and you should make sure to choose the one which satisfies your needs and which matches with your home decor. There are number of options in stores and online and you can make different combinations for buying the curtains. You can choose the extra long curtains but also make sure that you choose neural colors for them, usually the long curtain are used in the living rooms and drawing rooms and if they are exposed to extreme sunlight then there are chances of fading of colors.
Neutral colors
Always make sure that you choose the neutral colors so that issue of fading is not faced in the extra long curtains. They also easily match with the décor of the room. Also the fabric is important when the curtain is concerned. You can choose the material like silk, linen, velvet is lots more. They are chosen as they hang best. Faux silk is the material which is considered as the one which is most durable and it does not rust in the exploration of sun. Fabric should be chosen carefully for the extra long curtains. There are some of the fabrics which also help in keeping the cold out. There are number of people who mainly uses the velvet, tweed, suede, etc type of fabrics so that their weight can block light.
The heavy fabrics are suitable as they can keep the heat in and also helps the blocking of light. It is your choice to interline the fabric with your extra long fabrics. You can also choose to have eh thick and insulating material. This process also helps in prolonging the curtain life. If you are using silk and do not have lines then there are chances that it gets rot. Lining and interlining are things which can help the curtains to keep fullness.

white elegant peacock
Extra long curtains are very elegant, now maybe you think your room is a little  empty, you need some elegant interior decorations. How about this beautiful white resin? The color of this peacock is white, which could create a romantic and elegant environment for you. This white peacock is made of resin, so it’s not very heavy  and you can put it in any place you want. There are golden patterns at the back of the peacock, they are all painted by craftsman, which are exquisite and vivid. There is a imperial crown at the head of the peacock, there are orange crystals there, and the crown is blue. There are also orange necklaces at the neck, which makes the resin peacock fancy.
As you can see from the picture, there are two peacocks at the  desk, the taller one and the shorter one, it seems that they are combing their hair, so they are very comfortable and relaxed. When you are very irritable ,you come to your home to see it, you could feel very relaxed also.